Kawaii Contest!



I know that there are many Kawaii lovers out there, including me! If you're wondering how this is Hopscotch related, I will tell you why! It is a contest/tournament to see who is the best Kawaii coder/artist! There will be 16 competitors! I will put you in groups of twos and you're basically versing each other! Then, people will moved on the the next round. Each round, I will give you something different Kawaii to code! It might be food, sports, or whatever I come up with!
1. No Cheating
2. You can use internet pics for ideas
3. It can be anything
4. Don't complain if you don't win
5. Have fun!





Me wanna join


Me too wanna join! 202929292


ᒪOOK ᗩT ᗪᗩ ᑌᔕEᖇᑎᗩᗰE, Oᖴ ᑕOᑌᖇᔕE I ᗯᗩᑎT TO ᒍOIᑎ


I would like to join please!


I'm entering this one!


Can I be a judge plz?


Anybody else?


Can I be a judge and competitor, @EnchantedAnimallover?


Pick one! Cuz I can only have 3 judges that I know in person, including me...


Sorry this is off topic but...P.S, I asked SnileyAlyssa to make you a tag for ur name and mine. Now I have mine! Thinking....


I know! She told me! Off topic... Anyways, to be on topic, have you decided?


Yeah...*suspensful music...BUM BUH BUHHHHH!



Good! This way, we can all go on my account and talk about judging there! Or should we do a doc? @Awesome_Blossom and @VanillaBlossom!


Yes. Doc!! Can we use our school emails since we ALL know it?


And if so, can I make it? It will be called #CompetitionKawaii. No period, also I will be on it so we can also chat, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok! But remember the school district can see it! Yea, let's use our school emails! Make it...


I'm actually not sure... As long as we don't make it visible to the district.


Then they'll think we're doing something bad! Did you make it?
EDIT: I'll make it! Shared it with you guys! @Awesome_Blossom and @VanillaBlossom!