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This is topic is about food.

Have questions? Answered.

Have ideas? Tried.

Tell me something? Told.

Whatever, this is just about food.

How is this hopscotch related:

I know a lot of you will wonder "how is this hopscotch related?" as well as you would ask me.
I was thinking making a collaboration account and make food projects.
It can be art ( we need to make an art pad), code, block art, and more!

And even make own cooking games, and make up our own food and publish it!

There's a lot to do on hopscotch, so if you want to join...
Just ask!


Good idea, but make sure you actually make an account or else we could be accused of using the "I'm making a project" excuse and then it would be closed and then we're sad ;-; Lol

Anyways, if you make an account I'd love to join!


I'm just waiting to receive a person who wants to join, and debate over the name of the account.


Ok, to start this,
How about let's make food as human

I did not draw this, I just found it on the Internet and thought of this topic.


Well the user "TheKPSummerFoodCollab" is waiting for takers!
Just ask!