KatrinaPlays' Talking Topic *Related!*


It's @KatrinaPlays here!

Okay, this topic is kind of like a General Topic, but a little different. Here, if you need to talk to me about anything, just come here! Make sure it's related, and approved by me.

Sorry for the short topic, I'm in a rush right now :sweat_smile:
I'll add more later!


Okay, @everyone

Wanna talk?



quote this post for no absolute reason


Hi, @iReesesCup

Here you go, quote!

{Unless you want me to quote a specific part of the post...


Not the noragami spoilers!



Yato faces that I should try and draw on hopscotch.

He is my favorite God.


I like kofuku

This is one of my favourite photo edits :D


Such a silly Yato:

Such a serious Yato:

I like to draw Yato.
And post Yato.


Are you finished with the series yet?


Noes, in fact, it got REALLY close to the end, but I had to stop watching it for a very long period of time, so I forgot. So sad...

But I've gotten really far, but still not close to the end...


Have you gotten to episode 5 of Aragoto? Or finished episode 5.


His eyes looks leike a cats eye


I wanna ask you somethin!
Wut if MIDORI GURINNNUUUUU started emailing THT to ask them stupid questions? How will THT react?


Yato is 100% cat confirmed





Ok sure