KatrinaPlays' General Topic (Check out new one)



나의 일반적인 화제에 환영, 모두!

Welcome to my general topic, everyone!

So yes, welcome!
I was inspired by a lot of other general topics of some of my favorite hopscotchers.

So here I can chat, get feedback, or even get some ideas like any other general topic. I already created a general topic, but instead I changed the name to KatrinaPlays's Random Topic. Why? It wasn't a general topic anymore.

There will be new events very often so let's begin!

New Event!:

There is really nothing...
I made an Otaku Club, though!


Here's a like :heart:


Here's a like too.


Happy @KatrinaPlays day!


Okay, we're not so good on replies here, so let's do something with that.

Any other noragami fans?!


*pops up head out of nowhere *

Anyone summon me? ⊙ω⊙


I like noragami!
I like to talk about noragami!
Okay, hi!


Pls tell me these look alike

Nyau and yukine look the same (sorta)

I'm doing some extensive research right now xD


They do look alike ALOT surprisingly...
I wonder...
Nvm, I didn't wonder anything, I just thought.


I found this very insulting, I took a screenshot to show you.:

How dare they!


I'm fuming!!!:rage:


These peeps on Google will never experience the meaning of life!


I asked someone if they would take me to a Miku concert:

"Could I go to a Miku concert for my birthday?"
"Who's Miku?"
"Never mind."
"Isn't she like one of the stu.pid Japanese singers you listen to?"
"... How dare you?!"



I've been listening to Len's ievan polkka for 1 hour.


Now I'm listening to it after puberty, he must have not had puberty yet, late puberty. I'm in love even more now...


Ok, another random topic!!!

I want to Hopscotchify Miku now,


Is this really Hopscotch related? Well, some HS-related questions for you:

What's your HS username?
Favourite block of code?
Favourite HS project?
Favourite HS project make by you?
What's your favourite part about HS
How did you find HS
How did you get your username?




Notice what's all the same about these?


Omg, this is no longer a general topic!

I have to make another one!


That will be my last one!