KatieNGoddes's General Topic! (Mwuahaha)



hOi :stuck_out_tongue: Does anyone wanna chat? I dunno x3


You can chat about HS in the talk to a Hopscotcher topic :wink:

No need to make another topic!


Derp :stuck_out_tongue: Who are you on HS BTW?


Komplettverrücktjunge mainly :wink:


To keep this topic you can make it your General topic or recycle it to something else :wink:


Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


Happy to help = @KVJ :wink:

I just sprinted out of likes :confused:


What does that mean? (I'm such a noob to this forum XD)


I can't like anymore because I've reached the limit :cry:

It's annoying lol


Did you want to make this a General topic btw?

I see you @TheRainbowChicken


runs away


You will not escape @TheRainbowChicken


Get back here @TheRainbowChicken


High five :hand_splayed:

So? General topic or something else?


comes back with chakin army
Who's trying to escape now? (le evil laugh) He he he!!
chakins attack


I guess I do, I dont know :stuck_out_tongue:


blasts chakins



Nooo, my only weakness D: runs as fast as possible


chakins run away
Hoi, du yu spek temmie lenguege?
tags @Tem


There were no chakins left to run away :wink: