KarmicSans2's 2016 Halloween Contest


Welcome To my Halloween Competition!

The rules are simple. People will make projects, and people will judge those projects! There will be 3 categories...


This category is pretty self explanatory.


This is just drawings that you've made in HS, or Trail Art. DRAWINGS DONE IN REAL LIFE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Pixel Art

Another self explanatory category.

Other Notes

Any projects published before September 30th will not be accepted. Anything else is fair game. If you want to join, just tell me which category you want to join, and I will add you to that category as a competitor. All projects are due November First, no exceptions. PLEASE do not join if you know that you will not be able to finish the project on time.




Sorry can't do it. I don't have the hopscotch app anymore. It got deleted!


That's to bad. Maybe another time.


I think I might join...


I can't redownload it. It is not on our school App Store any more. So sad no devices I can use either.


I will see if I can get on my mom's phone.


I wanna be in art!


Does it have to be related to Halloween




I need more competitors


Screwdriver it.

Ill join the games section!


Anybody else want to join? I can't start without more people in each category.


Seriously, I only have like, 2 people total.


Why are you calling this official?


Oh... I should probably change that XD


Ok! It's only official if THT makes it.
I can say @THT...