Kaiami Fans in Hopscotch!



One of my favorite artists are Kaiami!! I'm pretty sure there are at least 2 fans (including me if there's only 1 fan) I was thinking that we could make projects on Hopscotch or draw in her styles (IDK).
Here are a few samples of her art!!


I love her! Amazing drawing she does!


finally! an answer! thanks fren!
she has amazing art right?!


I love them


YAASSSSSS! I love her art so much! I want to meet her one day :wink:


Yeah! I just wanna go up to her, say hai fren, and walk away... then run back up an start chatting with her.


yessss! she's so amazing and talented. sigh


She inspires me su much!!


is this HS related at all?


Yes I'm going to make a project on hopscotch now that there are photos


Oh ok! Thats fine. :slight_smile: