K_the_artist42s General topic plz join and chat


Hey guys! This is my general topic! This is where you can chat with me, ask questions and more! The first person to comment on this will get a logo made by me on hopscotch! I will do more things like that later on to!


yo dude 'sup


What is your hopscotch name? What do you want your logo to be like? @BellaWafflez17


I guess that sounds a little strange but, eh


How did u get ur username


Huh @anikeony, what do u mean?


Y did u choose @K_the_artist42 as ur username?


Because it is my hopscotch name


My name starts with k, I want to be a artist and 42 was random. My fav number is 8


oh um cool
how about
surprise me
my hs name is iWaffle