K I'm staying for u guys read vv


k I'm staying but if someone is rude to me or flags me I will probably leave

I'm just rlly emotional I lost my dad 2 weeks ago I lost my grandmother,aunt, and cat also from cancer I'm just going thru hard times

Convinced me to stay


K bye


I care. Stop with the drama.




Don't leave.



U care for me? You do?


Why wouldn't I?
You're awesome


I care, I just have a headache. Please stay. My headache will stay if you leave. If you'd don't leave. My headache will go away


I'm tagged!!!! Yay tank you senmpiiiiii


Yeah, I do m8.

(So stay)


So, what do you and benny do together? Do you guys draw and do homework together?

  • Stay?
  • Leave?


Votes are public.


Just keep working hard and stay! People don't reply to me much but I'm not leaving. I hope you stay!


K bye whatever floats your boat


Aww I'm so sorry. What's your hopscotch username? I'll follow you :smile:


@EmojiArts I'm so sorry! You know, I'm always there for you. I didn't know you just lost your dad. If you want some time away from me, I'd understand


No no go on the docs pls




You're awesome and a great boyfrien.d keep her happy
If you break her heart I'll totally get revenge on you bruh


I would never want to break her heart.

please don't search the entire earth to find me pls