-+-K&I General Topic (very small and lonely please join!)-+-



Welcome to the K&I general topic!
Here you can chat with us and other hopscotchers and have fun!

let's just hope this doesn't get flagged

To do that here are some stuff that you might wanna read before blabbing away:
1) No fighting or drama
Flame wars aren't nice to deal with, and so is drama. I've seen drama on some general topics and... yeah.
2) Inviting people is appreciated
YASSSSSSS Inviting people is sooo appreciated! We love meeting new people and talking with them!
3) No advertising
No advertising here. This is a no advertising zone. go advertise on your own thread.

Enjoy all the doge too!
If you have any questions that you would like to send, check this out:

Okay I should stop now. Happy talking!

I'm new to the forum! :3

What is this, doge you speak of?
The image does not work, it will not show up on my screen. I am out of replies, as a new user, so I am editing on this post.


Oh he's this cute guy


Look him up on the interweb.


I should get in the habit of doing this since there is 2 people running the account.




Hai @IsabelandKatie! ;D


Hiiiiiiiiiii!! I'm lollypopcorn. Nice to meet you :smile:


Hi @BerryFOX and @lollypopcorn

How long have you guys been hopscotching?



Since July this year! ;3


I don't know, a while lol. Check my hopscotch profile. My username is lollypopcorn.

I code a lot to figure things out, so I've gotten pretty good. Not that good though :sweat_smile:


Invite peeps to this general topic! Also, what's your favorite dog/cat breed?



No way! You're better than me. I'm IsabelandKatiewantPie​:poop: and we are super bad. We don't have a feature. You're really good.





Hi! I iz jensen. Me steel phone mwahahaha >:3
Welcome 2 da general topicz
(In case u not know who i amz i iz profile pic)
Hav a gr8 tiem





Wot u giv me treet?



no srry eh


Im eating, at a football game where my team is losing, and on the forums...



Oh thank you! But I don't think I'm that good lol


Y u no gime treet me wantz treetzz