@Jye Beta testing topic

You can Help you are in

Can someone make this unlisted?
Kind Regards

Hi, We will let you in But follow these rules
1. Don’t swear
2. Ke kind (The forum is for everyone)
3. Don’t leak betas

@Leaders Can you make this topic unlisted?


This is a beta topic for People I choose

Beta (1)

we’ll be in here to moderate - good luck with your beta!


Beta part 3 out now
Read like a pro Beta (1.0)

I created a new account for my betas

If I were to have a loading screen this is what it would look like

For the latest Hopscotch News visit

For the latest beta news Visit this (You can delete this)

The hopscotch YouTube channel!

Ana Closed this then Reopened this…

New Beta Out Soon!
Might be Read Like a pro beta 1.1

Hi there -

Just a quick thing that no websites that aren’t coded on hs aren’t allowed, they count as CoF, sorry…

Ok Post deleted

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Will repost with only hopscotch game

I was wondering why no one was posting