Justifying Something Wrong Doesn't Make It Okay



Being mean is being mean, no matter what

So, we've all had those moments. Those moments when someone says 'You're really annoying. No offense.' Or 'That's stupid. Just joking around!' Or if someone steals your idea and code, puts no credit, and says they were just 'inspired' by you. Not good! :3

That doesn't make it any better. This topic IS NOT FOR FLAME WARS ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE HAVE DONE IN THE PAST, NOR IS IT POINTED AT ANY ONE PERSON. I don't want flames! :D Justification is when someone admits that they did something wrong, but say things such as 'just kidding' or 'they did it first' to make the action or words not wrong. It's not good.

Here is some more info, and types of 'justifying.' And how to deal with it. Feel free to discuss in a kind way! :DD

Copying Justification

Project ideas are not meant to be copied. Even worse, copied code! It sinks to an even lower level when people just remix. People usually don't admit that they copied and say it's a coincidence, but when they justify, they say things such as, 'I was just inspired by you!' or 'I thought it would be okay with you! I thought you would be nice, it's just code!' To deal with that, say 'You need to give credit whenever you do something like that.' If they keep going, report them and email THT if it gets worse. It's annoying, right?

Unkindness Justification

People may say unkind things, such as 'you're stupid' or 'I hate that' and finish it off with 'no offense!' or 'Just kidding!'

That's not okay and you should handle that like any bullying. Never do it!

They also may say 'They were mean to me first!' But two wrongs don't make a right. They may say that someone deserved it. That's terrible.
Nononono. Nu. Nu. XD

Other Justification

If someone tries to make their wrong right, make sure to deal with it the way you would any other situation like that. And remember, Take responsibility for your actions! JK doesn't make it OK.


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