Justanerd's q and a



does spleef count? if not, then no


What's spleef? Never heard of it


it's a mini game inside of minecraft


Then I guess that's a no. Unless you count moving your fingers!:sweat_smile:


Do you collab?


actually yes, I'm in... (let me count) monopoly collab, a ssb collab in scratch with a few friends (@youknowwhoyouaredon'tcomment and some people haven't gotten access yet, only people I can program real time with are on it right now, others will have access soon @insertnameharethatstartswithanS), I guess it's time to reveal that @artandstuffcollab was me trying to get hacked, and I'll sign into that account and comment to prove it (if I can remember the password), and I'm currently doing a collab w/ @Stradyvarious on tynker


Can you form the banana? XD


K, googled that, YouTube is weird

and, it's peal the bananna


One mo' Q...
1. Are you nerdcraft?


No, you form it before you peel it.


And then you go bananas


I am not nerdcraft (whoever he/she is, sounds like a... youtuber? I mean, name ending in craft, wait a minute...Ima ask a question, @mobcraft, do you play mc?


no, and then I eat the bananananannananananannanananananananna (that's the correct spelling right?


What is your favorite television show?


I don't have cable, satellite, or Netflix (also I don't eat Nutella, pls don't kill me Internet) so I don't watch tv, but... on the rare occasion I do watch tv (through YouTube) it's an anime, not naming it, pg13, (what truly Japanese anime isn't?) but no, it's not DBZ, for those that are going to ask even though I said that, DBZ is pg, and I don't like it, I like anime for the action, not 3 episodes of Goku grunting in place screaming like anybody after Taco Bell, Too. Much. Buildup.


Oh, ok @justanerd all good


I'm still wincing thinking about what all the Nutella addicts will do to me after saying that...


To @justanerd:


Yup we sure are


In mine im the only viola there are a ton of violinists and 2 cello