@Justanerd (Game idea)


I know you like to rush to be first to do what no one else has done.
Do you think you can make a game like in the link on Hopscotch?
You can use the code that leaves a trail of clones when drawing with your finger.
Have each clones angle point towards the last touched area on screen when generated and have a clone disappear after 1 sec of appearing.
And have a balls angle it bounces when bumping a clone depend on the clones angle.

@oio you might find this interesting and want to beat @justanerd to the finish line,so to speak.
You can make a more interesting game like trying to bounce a ball into a hole with a limit of bounces or clones. Or something like try to bounce the ball to hit moving enemies within a time limit


It's fun to make something "first," isn't it? Almost as much fun as doing it best. :slightly_smiling:

Incidentally, the linked project behaved very strangely, when I attempted to access it on this iPad. Still, I could sort of see what's going on...


It was made for chrome browser on pc.
So that's why it played up.


I think you've got a good game concept in the works. I like the sounds of it, because it has that charming simplicity that we see in a lot of trendy games, yet it could still be richly entertaining to watch. There seems to be this "sweet spot", balancing complexity and playability, tuning them to appeal to a broad audience. What you describe could achieve that.

I would like to see what comes out of your collaboration as a result. I love the enthusiasm in @justanerd, blended with brilliance and creativity and a lust for the abstract problems, but I agree that the challenge will be consistency. There's definitely a manic vibe too, sometimes. That's not altogether bad. It's fun to interact with.


I'll leave it to @justanerd or you to make this if you like.
@justanerd disappears for nearly a week at a time, sometimes.
I'm busy with other projects to do with voice recognition and image editing/ analysing
You can try something fun/silly like i'm doing for fun
Play a youtube video of a speech being played backwards on a seperate device and use Siri on the ipad to try and recognise any words when the reverse speech is played


The image analysis would seem to harken back to another topic, particularly if... the voice work happens to be "EVP". :sunglasses:

I have to deal with a bunch of legal and work-related stuff, so I am not terribly prolific. Kinda worn-out. Sick of stuff. I vaguely described that in another thread. People trying to drag me and my company into litigation that has nothing to do with us. Irritating. Not good for my creativity. Meh... Hakuna matata, right?


You poor guy.
I wish you the best with all those problems you have to deal with.


I appreciate the sentiment.

It's all good.

Karma runs its course.
You get your IR rig working?


so you've noticed those gaps in meh wifi? I'm still there, it's just a bit figity, but there was also a period where I wasn't publishing anything at all, because I had no wifi, in any case, I'll do my best at this, it might take some time though