Just your average only few replys then fade away general topic




I made a new general topic


Why I made Another General Topic

I made another one cause the other one got old and no one uses it anymore...
And I made a new one cause the only people who actually chatted (beside me) was @Goku(meh best frond) so uhhh yeah

Soooooo here's what I said in the old one

Welcome to my general topic!

Here I will be doing...
- random stuff
- announcements
- shout outs
- new projects
- other completely random stuff
- gifs


  • have fun
  • Be nice
  • Don't swear
  • Follow the rules
  • All the other rules I don't mention


  • ask questions
  • Post memes
  • Chat
  • Other stuff
  • stay on topic
    -completely random stuff
VGS frond list please add yourself for free Lenny's

@ValueGamesStudio ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fun Facts:

  • Turtles are the fastest animals
  • @KVJ is really nice
  • MagmaPOP is gud at coding
  • Donating paper is very nice
  • These facts are totally true
  • sledding on cheese is fun
  • ants are very big animals
  • hopscotch is the best app ever
  • cookies are very healthy
  • I ran out of facts(fell free to tell me more!)

Completely random questions

  • How much paper have you donated?
  • How many pizza slices have you eaten?
  • How many featured's are in hopscotch?
  • How many times have you been buried in snow?
  • how much beds have you eaten?
  • how many books did you make?
  • how many TV shows did you build?
    First one to answer all of them right gets a random prize(spam likes on hopscotch and the forum)
    all meh gifs




why is club penguin being shut down


It's getting shut down by march or something


Can some one send me the OMTL?
I'll be back at like 6:00 see y'all


They are making a new version ;-;
We payed for a membership 3 years ago, it still hasn't come ;-;


That is a LOT of gifs!! :joy:


Club penguin is weird


Aw thanks lol.

Plez use details for those gifsssss


Hi! How is your day?

@Maltese your fav gif ever is in there somewhere >:3


It won't work D:
IDK why
Mabye I put to much?
Do you think 59 gifs is to much for a folder?


Hi I like the picture of the guy eating hamburgers.


Let's go to your general topic


Be sure to leave the opening [details] on a separate new line like



OMG @ValueGamesStudio I LOVE your new profile pic! I am obsessed with pikachu. He's so cute. And guess what? There's this boy in my class who calls Pokémon, Pokeman. XD it annoys me sooooo much : /


All the teachers call Pokémon thatXD


unless if your teacher played pokemon growing up


But the only thing my teacher played when she was growing up was kick the can
I once tried to play it to see how fun it really was but got bored after 10 seconds

VGS frond list please add yourself for free Lenny's

@ValueGamesStudio ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

New project


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)