Just why I wasn't on I guess


No one is gonna care, but I have been sick for about a month. First it was this thing, then I got strep throat, then/now I have a sinus infection. It's wayyyyyayay better but I had to go to the doctor. So yeah. :stuck_out_tongue: I start SIXTH GRADEEEEEE on Wednesday and open house on Monday. I'm soooo nervous. Also, if you are bored listen to sucker for pain. It's pretty good. HARLEYQUINNFORLYFE


Heyo, I can relate to the whole sick thing!

I hope you feel better!


Oh, I hope you get better soon!:slight_smile:


I was sick as well!

Yay Quinn!! I am FTW! :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed you!

I hope you get better soon! Gud luck at 6th grade!


HARLEYQUINNFORLIFE!!!!!!!! Omg! You speak truth!! And also....hope u feel better!!


Get well!


Oh, no!
I hope you feel better soon and good luck with school


Good luck with school as well! I am going into fith grade.


Thanks :3

Also, if someone could tag me with Harley pics in the drawing topic, it would be appreciated b:c I'm gunna draw her


Cool! Fifth grade is easy :3 which was the start of middle school for me


Really?!?! 6'th grade is the beginning of middle school in Florida.......9'th is high school...


9th is high 7th and 8th is junior highschool


Well.....I guess I'm in high school then! Good luck at school frien!


I'm happy you feel better!


Hope you feel better!
And we do care!


Uh... It was related. If you're here to hate leave. Also, why report if I was suspended?