Just wanna pop by... (CVStudios update)


Hey guys, i thought i’d permanently leave and forget about this forum, but apparently something is making me check this forum everyone once in a while.

So, i guess i’d like to ask something…

I’d like an update of what happened in the past 6 months

It’s okay if you dont know much, but otherwise, please do update me on what has been going on lately in both the forums and the app, im curious to know. Oh yeah, if possible, post some screenshots pls thx



Hey there! Nice to see you checking up
I ran outa my likes again, yay

Here’s a pretty swell update topic I made for the start of the year:
The State of the Forum 2018

There’s probably loads more I could add

There’s been the Xse issue, forum nuking and glitching, speedy alternate account creations, and wowy it was pretty intensely something. I wanna make like a story or something, or an overview that’d be real interesting


Hello there and welcome back, or at least for a while!
I agree with @JonnyGamer, you should check out the topic that he linked.


@William04GamerA can u give a link to your gt?


Yeah, sure… you can find it by searching “William04GamerA” in the forum topics search bar, but here you go:


Um, xse happened, flame wars, the usual.


Lots of Flame Wars, xse(a bully) was a big problem, t1 turned into an Intern for Hs, but then left. Then Madi and SmileyAlyssa got Hopscotch Curators, which allows them to put stuff on featured, then there was a bug finding period, and then topic nukes came around where you could destroy a topic, then it was reported to Discourse


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic is neutral.


Ah okay. Will you check any of my topics?


Elaborate please, I’d like to know :>

Must be a huge honour for them

Huh, I’m on another forum that’s on the Discourse platform, but StyLis Studios didn’t make any mention of this

Well maybe it’s because of the high user traffic

We’ll see :wink:


Xse was saying extremely inappropriate things, and bullying @Healeybot1 & @HopscotchRemixer. The stuff is beyond what we should say Oof
He was one weird unit :thinking:


I’ll be honest with you, the forum has gone through a lot of things while I was gone, and I’m glad this place is all alive and well while I was gone

And it seems that this community keeps growing and growing. A good thing to say the least.

Now I’d like to ask about the whole Leaders thing, did HS really scrapped the whole Leaders system?

To be honest hats a bad idea, because that means uneccesary topics and rule breaking user can’t be handled quickly. The implementation of the system in the first place was really efficient and my suggestion is to reimplement it, if it hasn’t been

While I’m stressing out and having anxiety over people’s judgement about me, I’m just simple happy that this place is still fine, after all my contributions in the early days of the Hopscotch Forum, no matter how big or small.

To anyone reading, I’m now dedicating my time in illustrating Polandball comics, making music in my Soundcloud and occasionally making YouTube videos. I’m proud to say I’m able to do all these because of this forum


The leaders thing was scrapped ages ago
I’ve been here for ages and I’ve seen it all… 2016 was a bad year with someone making alts and causing flames
2017 was a dead meh year, and 2018 has had a spicy start :ok_hand:


All these make the other Discourse Forum that I dedicate my time seem dead. Literally every month we only have one or two new people.

Eh, sometimes small is better


Ummmmm yeah. Well really he was annoying and being inappropriate to everyone


Yeah, it is true, they did pretty much scrap the leaders
Oh well, it happens

(We have been trying to email them to bring them back)


that’s really cool, i might start making polandball comics as well in a few months