Just to clear things up


@huggingfluffybear I'm not mad at you. Just to clear things up, I'm pansexual but can't love all the genders.
@Rawrbear we are not going through phases. We're LGBT
@PopTart0219 Thank you for being the first LGBT leader
@LGBT.Coder you will be missed.
@OnceUponATime yep I'm pansexual but can't really love all the genders I dunno why but eh


People are going through Phases of life. They can be harsh times, and good times.
Please don't flag me!! I cri evweytwime.


Phases of life.


We're not going through phases were LGBT and proud! @percyjackson9 are you on spring break too




Wait, she left?? When?


I am not talking about the LGBT part. You are LGBT when you are born, your brain develops over time and chooses it.


Yes! Exactly!
Like on the thundermans max wants to be evil while his whole family is superheroes. He's going through a phase
Max: IT'S NOT A PHASE!!!!!!!!


Why did you have to start this again :(


I'm not trying to start this up again.
@anonymous @poptart0219 @kiwicute2016 @buildasnowman
Please close


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You're fine! I don't take offense to it :smile:

Coming to meta!


She said she had to. This was last night.