Just think about it


So, as my boring self does, I was scrolling through dem internet, and suddenly, I come upon dis:

So I was liek:
So many of us are old peeps, like 11-13, but we need to respect there are younger kids on this as well as parents.
Also, we need to really put aside our differences to embrace the beauty of the Hopscotch community. Many flame wars start because of differences of opinions.

But if we put them aside....well....who knows?

(Unless this is insulting someone in some way or in not for de Hopscotch fourm, do not comment. Just embrace Meowth's comment.)


This is why Meowth is genius...I love this quote! :D


I agree
Im only 9!


Shush little children of de Hopscotch. Embrace da quote.
(But I'm glad u like it!)


Me like qoute too!


Meowth is so wise!
I'm an "old" peep! XD


Preach man


12 YEAR OLDS ARE LITTKE KIDS!!! STOP SAYING WE'RE NOT! And to be serious, cool. I agree.


Or older. You kids ain't old yet :stuck_out_tongue:



I'm 12.
Cool quote!


I'm 13...ye....I think the real ages are like 10-12...


You still ain't old m8.


Lemme guess....ur 14, 15?


I'm not gonna reveal lol.


Ya.. I'm an old grandma
I'm 11
Great topic! You and Meowth are AWESOME


If we guess, can you say yes or no



It's spelled "mate" not "m8" m8


Kvj you're like 13-14 right?
I mean we think we're old but tbh we're not


Nope :stuck_out_tongue:


I could be.

And yeah, you're still kiddies lol