Just the General Rumors


Ok I will explain what happened to Axolotl I do not know about MagmaPOP though.


first comment NYEHEHEHEHHE


Lol wanna know about Axolotl or something?


Then explain then!! : D


Ok hold on just a sec


Axolotl I actually knew in person. What happened was he played on his school iPad and then moved and didn't have a school iPad so RIP Axolotl


Thought it was a she

and a popular rumor is that Axolotl is Liza :laughing:


LOL other people say he was @Alish


Actually, @Kiwicute2013 (I think) confirmed it. She has had a series of meeting with the HT and one in person. She has met them and knows the juice. :))


It's a he; the fact that his avatar was Chillana (an original character that couldn't be mixed up with random art like Bear or Monkey) led many to believe he was a girl.

I'm rather sure, from the IP adresses that Kiwicute2016 gave, that he is Alish. Due to Alish leaving THT, his account has now become inactive.

If you don't mind, please stop making topics and discussions like these that are purely for spreading rumors; even if they're true, a rumor usually leads to a flame war.


But @Kiwicute2013 wouldn't be allowed to reveal much except maybe the confirmation of Axolotl not being @alish or something? All I know is that a lot of this is personal


She revealed it already, and a bunch of times. But she knew from IP addresses. I'm not sure about if she found out during her trip to Hopscotch HQ.


@XiaoMiaoMi I just want everyone to know the point that I physically knew him because if I could get in touch with him then I can make him confirm all the rumors. I hate them myself because there's no exact proof without @Kiwicute2013 and I've said it multiple times but...
He lived in my neighborhood in Illinois, USA then moved to Texas, USA.


But if I remember straight I don't know particularly Hopscotch but I think he hacked some random games and showed me it.. Idk if he hacked an IP or something? I mean I haven't been in touch with him in like a year or so


And guys mention some other inactive Hopscotchers I might know something I don't want to focus on Axolotl COMPLETELY...


Axolotl is (or was) alish, making games to inspire other hopscotchers. He was an adult, a member of THT.


Yes he was kind and a good friend. His brother (my former classmate) was the total opposite.


can we





thank you


I'm not making rumors I'm defying them because I doubt they're actually true because Axolotl was my friend.


And guys I bet you anything the action on MagmaPOP was just silly reports and THT got enough of them to just remove it
(Just an assumption not a rumor)