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Hello.:smile: This is a chat page for the hopscotchers on the forum.


Well, the forum basically is a chat room for hopscotchers on the forum! :D
Also we have to be hopscotch related :wink:


Yeah, we're not allowed to chat randomly, and this what the forum is basically for.

IM A LEADER!1!1!1!1

Calling @Kiwicute2016 @Anonymous @Mathgirl @Gilbert189 @SmilingSnowflakes @PopTart0219 and @BuildASnowman

Sorry if I forgot any, there are so many ^ - ^


But why. Everybody at hopscotch says "oh the forum is for talking. Not hopscotch." So this doesn't make sense.


Well those people are false and wrong, that's not what the forums are used for.
One rule here is to be hopscotch related! :D
Maybe review the community guidelines!-


As @Paydent12 and @smishsmash said, this sort of topic isn't really allowed on the forum. :wink:

Maybe you could recycle this topic? If you don't know what that means, it basically means turning this topic into something that is allowed on the forum and asking everyone to delete their posts. :D

Also, @Paydent12, I think you forgot @Intellection74. :wink:

@Weird4Life, to be honest, I've never actually seen anyone saying that the forum isn't for Hopscotch. In any case, the forum is meant for us to discuss Hopscotch-related stuff, make Hopscotch tutorials, and stuff like that. :wink:


Don't forget @DestroyASnowman!


So is anyone going to close the topic?