Just talking about hopscotch and stuff



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Umm… is this code related? (First post)

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hey what is this topic supposed to be?


@SuperGirl3Acer Not sure what this is…


Yes. I am getting a friend to join and so I can explain stuff to him and others.


I dont think this needs a whole topic…


you can explain that in the new users guide, a whole topic is not needed.

I’ll let SG3A decide what to do with this!

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Oh. What should I do, I am new to this…


Maybe tell them on a already existing topic?

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I can close if you need. :neutral_face:

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The General Discussion Topic would work for this. Your friend can also reference the FAQ category if they need additional help!

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This should probably be closed…


You could tell them on the New User’s Guide topic like Silverdolphin said,

But new users can’t access the GDT, and currently neither can CodeNinja


Just a reminder you need to at least be a member to view the GDT…

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Alright. See ya’ll

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Ok! It’s fine that you made it. Don’t worry. Your new. We all make these mistakes


Ah, yes, I forgot. Then the New Users Guide can be used instead.

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Maybe close this?

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If @CodeNinja is alright with it?

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I think they are

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