Just talk about coding or something idk






So pretty much we just talk about future projects and stuff we're having problems with in current projects.

That work?




Hey, welcome to the forum! Make sure your topics are related to Hopscotch.


What will you be doing with this data?
Also welcome to forum
Wait, how do you recycle topics, I was gone to long!! XD @Bubbles4Ever929


Wow people actually used my recycling topic idea XD



I have a slight problem with this 'recycling a post' thing.

When I press the ... On the vote thing, it looks like this:

So, I can't recycle it.

Just sayin'



You can recycle it, you just need to edit your post and delete the poll!


Okay. 0.0 I guess. Sure. K. Yeah.


OH KAY. DID IT. >:3 YEAH. I FIXED DA POLL THING. Thank you @Lightningstrike


Welcome to the forum!
If you need any help with the forum I can help you with it!


Thanks! It's much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I am going to spam-like your projects!


Okay then. Do what you like! :slight_smile:


You're welcome :smile:


Welcome to the forum @NightcoreStudios :D


Thanks! :3 The Forum has an amazing community!


You "sound" surprised, CandleScent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Isn't it ORANGESecnt?


Or is it…! :stuck_out_tongue:

It's a joke XD


You said CandleScent. And her username is OrangeScent1


It's a joke

I showed her a video of candles