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So hai again! I didn't want to create a million topics about what I want to say so badly, so I'll say it here!

How To Be A Leader Without the Badge!

So. I have heard many people try to become leader! They say: "I'm going to get the leader badge! Almost no one has it!"

Guess what? You don't need to have the leader badge to be a leader! You can be one without it!

All you have to do is this:

-Be Positive! Hey, go be a leader, you must be positive! Have you noticed all leaders are positive? Well, you know how you don't have to have the leader badge? You don't need to earn it at all! You can just be one without it! You just need to be positive! Never get mad at someone, never show sadness to the forum, and never say bad things about yourself or someone else! You need to be happy on the forum! When you're sad or angry, back out of the forum. It really helps! That's what I do! I shut down my iPad and close my eyes! c:

-Don’t Participate in Flame Wars! Make sure not to paricipate in flame wars! Also, try to prevent them! And stop them! Anyone can stop a flame war if they tried! They don't need to be at trust level 4 or higher to be the boss! Anyone can stop a flame war! And prevent one! And not participate! When you see a flame war, say this: “Is this really what you guys want? To hate each other for the rest of your forum and hopscotch life because of a flame war? Is it worth it waiting your time fighting instead of being positive? Is this very mature? Is this leader-like without a badge?” Try to prevent it! If it keeps happening with warnings, then tag an active leader or mod! Tell them to close the topic. To stop a flame war, one must have confidence to talk to the hopscotchers fighting! :D

-Help Others! Help others through dark times! If they're sad, help hem! If they're mad, help them! If they're leaving, help them! If they're depressed, help them! Help everyone in the hardest and darkest times! That will show great leadership! :D

-Have Leadership! Having leadership means leading a group of people with audience and direction! You must be kind and nice to all of those around you! I was working on a group project and I was having problems working with others because they were bossing me around. I told my mom they all wanted to be the leader of the group. My mom told me that: being a leader doesn't mean you get to boss people around! Being a leader means helping others, being kind, and being nice to everyone! :D

Just remember, anyone can be a leader without the golden badge!

How To Control Your Anger in a Flame War!

Hi! So this is a tutorial of how to control your anger when participating in a flame war. Let's get started!

-Ask. Ask yourself: “Is this really what you guys want? To hate each other for the rest of your forum and hopscotch life because of a flame war? Is it worth it waiting your time fighting instead of being positive? Is this very mature?” You must know know how to answer these questions.

-Back Out. If you're really sad or angry, back out of the topic. Delete the tab of hopscotch. Close your iPad. Put your iPad down on the nearest surface. Lay down if you want and close your eyes and calm down. Think about me! How awesome EnchantedAnimallover is…. XD Jk! XD Think about anyone you like! Cotton candy, unicorns, or rainbows!

-Relax! Feel like you have just killed someone. You are guilty. Say sorry and apologize! Ask them the same questions you asked yourself! Hopefully, this will help you calm down!

I hope this help at least some of you!

Leaving Topics!

So….. People are creating topics like: I have had it with the forum! People are being so mean! I'm leaving!

But… Think:

-The Questions! Is it worth it leaving? So it worth it leaving something you used to love? Is it worth it leaving your forum family? Think! I wouldn't think it's worth it! Just calm down. Maybe take a few days’ break, but that's it!

-Respect! If people don't want you to include them in your leaving topic unless it's something nice, don't do it! People can feel super offended and things! Also, to those of you out there in the conversation of leaving: respect their descision! It was their choice! And you can't stop them! Unless you can! XD


@BuildASnowman, @Kiwicute2016, and @Poptart0219 are usually busy. You shouldn't go up to them out of the blue and asking for tittles! Is they want to change it because they want to thank you or something, let them do it!

They want always give you tittles! If you ask for one repeatingly, they probably will get annoyed and not give Yu one! I have experimented that! I asked them for a tittle 10+ times, but they never gave it to me! XD So, like @KVJ, they will give you a random tittle when they feel like it!

Saying SYBP Nicely!

Telling someone to SBYP is good, so that we won't have duplicate topics! But make sure to say it nicely! We don't want to start a flame war (yes this happened before) because of saying SBYP rudely!

Also, don't just shoot back with a bad comment to the person just be issue you may not have searched before you post! That can also lead to a flame war! :D

Feedback for Me!

Am I nice?

  • Yes, of course!
  • Nah!


Are My Projects Good?

  • Yes
  • No


The reason I didn't make it public is so that people will give honest opinions! c:

Just Randomness for Poeple!

So….. This is not a tag list!

@VanillaOwl- Thanks for always being there when I need you. You are so nice and a great inspiration! Your trail art is amazing!

@Malie- You are very nice! You're coding and art is amazing! Keep up the good work!

@codingCupcake123- You are an overall amazing person and hop! I love your talent in coding photography!

@Kiwicute2016- Another amazing hopscotcher that will always be remembered! You are such an awesome leader and mod! Also so kind and amazing!

@SmilingSnowflakes- Your trail art is the best! I can see hard work and talent behind each and every one of your projects!

@Maltese- You are such a great friend and role model! You are so nice and kind! You're one of my two favorite Hopscotchers!

@Bananadog- You're also one of my two favorite hopscotchers! Your trail art and art is amazing! You are so awesome and unique!

@Bubbles4Ever929- You are such a great trail artist! Each and one of your projects j Sprite me and make me smile everyday!

@DancingLollipop- When I'm sad, I check your projects! They make me smile all the time! You are so kind and amazing! And a great friend!

@RenegadeBird1- I'm glad to call you my friend! You are so nice and amazing! I love your creativity, art, and trail art!

@CreativeCoder- You are so nice and kind! You are such a wizard! You are really a creative coder and person!

@GysvANDRegulus- You are so awesome! Thanks for the likes! Your projects inspire me so much!

@AHappyCoder- You are so awesome! I love the topics you create! Your projects are so nice and awesome! You are a super clever hopscotcher!

@Intellection74- Your projects and pixel art are so amazing! I love each and everyone of them! All of them inspire me so much!

@Gilbert189- You are super amazing! You are so nice and kind! Your priests are amazing! I love your trail art! I love how you're creating more of trail art!

@Poptart0219- You really are a great mod. You deserve to be in that group! I trust you a lot! You make me happy everyday on the forum!

@SUPERSWAGGY- You are so kind! I love the essay you wrote for me! You are truly a great hopscotcher and friend!

@Mathgirl- Your art and trail art is amazing! Your whole hopscotch self inspires me so much! I love your amazing personality and your phenomenal projects!

@Pink_Roses- Thanks for the shoutout! It means so much! I love each and every one of the projects you create! It makes me smile!

@Pingu- You are seriously an amazing artist! You make me smile each and every day, just like your awesome sister!

@BuildASnowman- Your projects are amazing! I love your creativity! You are a great moderator! Thanks for always being around to help others!

@smishsmash- You are such a great friend and an amazing trail artist! You are so awesome! You deserve a feature someday!

@KVJ- You are so nice and kind! You are smart and kind! You inspire me everyday and motivate me to make more projects!

@Sweetlina- You are an amazing person and hopscotcher! You make me smile everyday!

@OrangeScent1- You are an amazing artist! You are so clever and kind! Your projects are so amazing! You should be an artist one day!

And finally @SpreadPositivity and @BePositive- I'm so glad you want to stick around and be positive! It really makes me smile!

Don't judge if it's long. Every time I think of someone, another person come up in my min. Then another person does. And it goes on and on and on! XD

Question For Mods And Everyone Else Who Knows! XD

Just a question to BAS, Kiwi, and PT:

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