Just So You Know Plz Read If You Don't Know


So you may or may not know but my main hs account Paige1212 is having problems and I'm having trouble and I can't remember my password blah blah blah so I'm on this account Paige1212....it's me
So just if some people didn't know that's what hs account I'm on
I sorta will be on it
But I also haven't been on my other account in 22 weeks so idk when I will be on that account again but I hope I will


Do you have any questions?
If you do ask them in my question topic


No I don't this is just a FYI for people that don't know that I'm on a other account


I keep forgeting passwords
My parents have like 5000 lol


Can we talk in my genral topic
I have another squid ward meme


Uhhh, use the 'I forgot my password' button.


Yeah I did that and I typed it in and ten user and password were right but still ain't work and I emailed hs and they said what drafts are u working on but I forgot so I'm trying to find the iPad that has my drafts on it and I can't find it


That's horrible, just about the EXACT SAME THING happened to me! I fully sympathize.


Mmmmhhmmmm bray bray


Its true, seriously. Why else would I not be on HS for months even though I love it?




I... im blah?

Sigh. I knew this day would come.


If you want some help to get in to you account, ask THT by email or here on the forum. They will help you.


What day I like you
I might've just gone crazy with the !'s (I always do)
Your one of my senpais


Awww! As to you!
I just meant when you said Yeah!!
But in < > you put braybray blah


Reset the password to something simpler?


Oh I just meant to write that as the 20 characters I didn't mean it


I have like 4 that I use for everything :3 I'm so creative.


Sorry this wut flagged


clears throat So how you been gurl?