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hold ur flags up and sry for the loooooong text

Now pls this is only my personal opinion
HI I'm @Hermione maybe there is some topic about this but I just want o warn you guys again about hopscotch and hopscotch forum!

  1. There is little kids on hopscotch !
    There are little kids on hopscotch my friend(4 years old )plays it with her sister! So please don't put things that you shouldn't or bad words !

  2. Don't beg for likes
    (SORRY THERE IS SOME TOPICS ABIUT THIS but Begging for likes is no good begging for likes and getting lots of likes will make some one that took a long time to make a project and hardly got any likes make sad !
    And why do you need to beg it's not like your hall life depends on it (sorry if this sounds mean)

3.Don't report projects that aren't bad
Some people because of jealousy reports project that is good and doesn't have any inappropriate contents and my friend is one of them so please stop!

4Don't be sad about not being famous !
You might not be as famous as @MagmaPOP or maybe you have only 20 followers it doesn't matter being not famous doesn't mean that your project ■■■■■

5.don't post inappropriate things
Why the topic gets closed and the people who made the topic will be sad !

! I needed to get my opinion into words, (and credit to @SnowGirl_Studios for inspiring this essay) and @dude73

People quiting
Seriosly people. I did not join to long ago, but when I came everybody was friends. One person quits, it actually causes a chain reaction of people quiting. About every 5th topic is about someone quiting, and my opinion about this is if you quit, you will never achieve anything in hopscotch. If your dream was to get featured, if you quit, that would never happen. And plus, if you were someone's role model, then they would quit if you quit too. And plus plus, everytime someone quits sadness spreads across the forum, and I get really sad too. Don't do this to people.

This is a touchy subject. There are people who support it, and there are the haters. I for one, completely support this, and I am really glad @LGBT.Coder is using hopscotch to educate people about it. All of the leaders and moderaters support her too! If you don't support it, then all you have to do is leave the topic. No need to start flame wars just because of your opinion.

Flame Wars
There have been so many lately, and you cannot deny it. I want to stop these, and you guys can help me! In my opinion, there are 3 ways to stop a flame war.
1. change the subject
If you do that, people have a good chance of forgetting the flame war
2. bring a leader or moderator into it
these people can help so much, and if it gets out of hand, they can close the topic!
3. ignore it
Just ignoring and leaving the topic actually helps a lot, and people might follow your footsteps and completely ignore flame wars, causing them to stop.

My Final Opinion
We can all agree on this, the forum is going down, way down. We can stop this, as a team! We can make people happy, use our kindness to stop people from quiting, inspire people to learn LGBT, and bring the forum together again. Ok this is a nice speech as well it was made by @Dude73

Hopscotch Forum

Why Forum Why…:sob: Please read
Why Forum Why…:sob: Please read
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The forum is changing....
some people that is nice have turned... BAD in other words and people can't stop changing every day we are saying bad things about each other or your self just letting your self down... every time you guys apologies instead of apologiesing about the past make your future better @PopTart0219 made a topic about something like this @Smishy 's bio has something like this too...

@smishy's post has a point and so does @PopTart0219 I feel like things are just turning the other way round...

If you are a person reading this please just don't apologise about the past just think about what you are posting and what you are trying to type... researches has been shown that you express your self more on digital devices and I understand that cause I do too but please think just think for a second...

just look around and think what I am doing right will it harm me if someone did it to me...

please just for a second and everything you are trying to do can Change

sorry for typos and mistakes I am not fuluent

senpais list tell me and you will be on here btw and if you want to get off this list please tell me too

u guys might say it's none of my business or I made a topic about it no this is different
what I am trying to say is that we do not need to spread fights and make topics about fights it's just an advise please post what you think.

Official posts (topics)

k now flags u can come down

u know just saying this isn't pointing out anyone it's mostly everyone...



I have seen people complain about The Mass Tag list currently in use, and we need new guidelines.

Please, copy directly off of this topic when using the Mass Tag list. It will annoy you, I know, but it will constantly change.

Here are the new guidelines for adding and using the mass tag list.

Add yourself only Do not add other people to the mass tag list. I'll see all of the edits, so I'll correct you if you added someone else's name, on accident or on purpose.

Don't use the tag list in all of your topics We shouldn't be using the mass tag list in every single topic we or another person creates. It is annoying to have to scroll through that, and it doesn't contribute to the discussion.

Always use the current version Again, people will leave or take their name off of the list. Please always use the current version so we don't have to deal with people getting angry.

Please don't tamper with this list It gets annoying when someone destroys something. So please don't tamper with the tag list.

If you have any other guidelines you would like to have, add them here :wink:

Edit your name to this tag list.




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I agree with you. I am in the 8th grade, so i know all that stuff. My dads motorcycle club even goes to the SBB. Dont ask what it is or means. All i can say is that it is a bar. But my little brother plays and my friend @ThePopcornguy play and they are in 5th grade!


I agree with you fren


M8 maybe add some [details]? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Great Topik!
I especially agree with the first bit.


yeah i agree theres kids like us on hopscotch so ppl need 2 stop saying bad words

and yeah begging for likes and fame is bad 2 u have to gain populararity by experience

i agree with all of this


I agree with all of this ! This is all true !!!,


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