Just report it!



I think we all need a little reminder on this.

So I know there is a lot of inappropriate projects on Hopscotch. I bet we have all noticed them. Things like that happens. But a lot of us have brought more attention to the project. For example: pointing it out on the forum, pointing it out on Hopscotch, and talking about it. But how does that help? By pointing it out, what does that do? It doesn't solve the situation, it doesn't help anybody, and in some cases it makes problems worse. So instead of doing that, simply report the project. THT will see it and if necessary remove the project. Easy!

Don't know how to report? Here is a wonderful tutorial on by @Liza

See? That wasn't so hard!

Remember, next time you see any inappropriate projects, instead of making a big deal out of it, just report.


Wow awesome topic everyone should know this because this is put into a lot of topics!


It's time that somebody makes one of these!

I would recommend that you mention mad flaggers/reporters will not be tolerated.

The HT can see what you flagged!


Credit @LazyLizard

You can get banned for made flagging, so try not to get banned :D


People Hopscotch isn't like some MATCHING game it is for coding. AND don't say oh but I coded this game where a boy and Gurl go on a date that counts as coding. BECAUSE it still relates to DATING