Just Report It! 😌


Hey guys! I'm new. I'll be on a lot cause I'm bored and in the hospital. But I just want say if you see an inappropriate topic, just report it! Don't make a whole project. That gives the project more attention and that's what they want. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is really well said good job!!


That's a great idea!


Great topic!

Your in the hospital? What happened? Are you OK?


Great topic!
Oh no! You're in the hospital?! Get well soon!!!


I reported my first project today! That isnt good tho. Someone said something rly mean to Shivelight involving a swear.


Yeah I had surgery to get my appendix removed it hurts a lot


My dad had to get his appendix removed. But here's the catch. It was at 2 a.m. in the morning, in Disney World! What a great vacation! :joy::joy:


My friend just got his appendix removed.


Guys get bot before the bot bot who says bot wants us to get bot


My friend had to today. I don't want her to be sick :sob::sob::pray::pray:


I know this topic is kind of old. It's actually two months old to the exact day. Just thought I'd revive it because of seen a few topics lately advertising inappropriate projects. :wink:


let's make a topic about an attack of the comment clones


I only see one reply!


I read this title like