Just realized something weird


On my other forum account (ZombiePug) I was looking at old posts and clicked on one of them. And the topic I posted in was unlisted, but I could still post stuff...

So if two people had posted in the same topic before it was unlisted, then they could have secret collabs in the topic so no one could steel their ideas... Right?

  • Yea, someone could do that.
  • Idk.
  • No.


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If you search the unlisted topic up, it will still come up. Search for @Rawrbear's Friendly Mass Tag List to see!


Yeah but it's unlisted, so someone would only see it if they looked it up.


I can't see it, but if you are in the topic when it was unlisted, you can still see it! I was in a topic, when Rodrigo unlisted it, and I posted after he unlisted it! 0'o


Well it's a good way to keep a collab atleast kinda secret though. ;)


I mean it could work but you could use the aqua magnifying glass or you could have "Watching First Post Only" on like me


I don't know really, but it sounds like that could happen.

Just because it's unlisted doesn't mean that you can't post, it's just not listed(as the word implies) I guess you could do that tho


What's 'aqua magnifying glass'?


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Love the punctuation errors lel

Yeah, okay


This may seem a little off topic, but what does it mean if a topic is unlisted?