Just One Sentence



We all have that moment when someone makes your day. We all hope it will happen but most of us I think that it won't happen. Recently I changed my bio and gave a gigantic shout out to @Dude73. and it made her feel really good so, why not make others feel good. I want everyone who sees this topic to write at least one sentence saying a kind word or just something to make their day it could be anything who knows you might be change in somebody's life. You might be making their Darkest Day something else. You won't know until you do it. so go ahead and start writing those compliments and make somebody's day make them feel happy make them realize that there's people there for that and then you know you probably will change your life if you do take the time to write a compliment for somebody thank you because you just change somebody else's life. And who knows this might start a chain reaction. Thank you.


Thank you so much for the shoutout! You are the best friend ever! I love this topic, BTW. :smile:


@SnowGirl_Studios, you're so kind, you want other people to feel good. I love how you always care about others.


Aww Thank You so much. ;-;


@Dude73 You are so inspiring! You light up a room when you walk into it. You are amazing. I am so lucky to ave you and so is hopscotch, and the forum.



You are my all-time, one of my favorite forumers. You make other people happy and make their days, while being helpful and funny. I am so thankful to have you on the forum and everyone too.


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Thank you so, so, so much! :D


I am going to be on this topic A LOT....



You are a one of a kind coder that deserves more attention. You are very helpful and unique, and you are also very helpful on the forum. You make my day every day and I hope to make your day today too!


Well. Here it is @SmilingSnowflakes. A poem. (Sorry I am bad at poems)

I saw your trail art
I had fail art
I was inspired
By your admired
Trail art

I checked your profile every day
My profile started to un-decay
I decided it was time
To join the forum

You helped me
Along with others
But hay,
Is for horses

Thank you for everything
I'm not good at rhyming
So enjoy this poem
Something that rhymes with poem


Thank you so much! :D

That's a amazing poem! :D
Super awesome. :D

Here's a :D.
Gives :D.


*Takes :D and stares at it *World blows up from epicness


:D this topic is working!


You are always so kind and wonderful to me. You pay attention to my posts and projects, and you make my day EVERY DAY. You have a heart of gold!


@SnowGirl_Studios your so, nice and fun, friendly and caring I really want to be friends or make a collab with you.
And @EnchantedAnimallover you're a good best friend sometimes your so, nice and friendly that's why I like you!


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@Tankt2016 you are so amazing. Seriously. It isn't some fantabulous prize. But I mean it.


@SnowGirl_Studios you are so nice and I love your topics. You are good at making your point for a good cause. I mean, you made this topic!


@MagmaPOP you probably get this all the time, so just let me say it again, you my friend, are a legend. A hopscotch legend who will not be forgotten no matter what.