Just need some help! :3



I have everything formatted well for my Easter project, but I can't get the Easter egg's colors to function correctly. I tried researching and branching, but I couldn't find the solution. If you are able to do it, please reply (credit given)!
Here's the link! :D


I have a feeling that it may be an annoying glitch.


No, it's not a glitch! :3
The pink color is buried under the blue one, which results in a weird "stripe" thingy. I honestly don't know... :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Me neither, I looked through the code and couldn't find anything wrong.


That's really cute! :D

What's not working on the egg?
Everything looks fine to me. XD


I thought it was a baby bunny with its bottle. :stuck_out_tongue:


The egg should have a big pink stripe in the middle, but the blue thing immediately covers it up..


Okay! :D

I will experiment with the codes, I will post a link here once I've figured it out! :D

If I can. '^-^


I think I've figured out what's happening! :D

Trails are circular, so when they are moving forward they create bigger dots (with the code you are using.).

At the end, there will be the biggest circle that is colored blue.
That blocks the pink.

I think you could use a pink trail going across the center of the egg (after the blue is finished loading), then use while trails with turn blocks to remove the sides.

It could be difficult, but you just have to place the trails or shapes cleverly. :D

I'm going to experiment with the values... Maybe that will work too! :D




Hmm.. I'll need to figure out the exact angle!


I think she should just reset the value! :sweat_smile:

EDIT: AHHH, DON'T DO THAT! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@RenegadeBird1, what should it look like?


Ok, wait...
I'll draw a picture..


@RenegadeBird1 and @Gilbert189 Here's a like :heart:!


I've tested the values...

That pink is going to stay up there until the blue is gone. XD

I think you have to do the other way... :D


Sorry, I didn't put too much effort.. xD


@RenegadeBird1, mind if I do it with sin/cos?


I'm not a good sine/cosine artist, but if it's simple enough, I guess you could try...


I'm gonna do it on a separate project; it freaks out if I do it on yours... :sweat_smile:

I'll make the code easy to copy.


Thanks!! :D


@RenegadeBird1, here's the link! Will it work for you?