Just need it now: when iPad hears the sound _


Omg! I wish THT would make a block. You know how when u play something, and u want a sound right after it from a different character without wait or variables? I was thinking of a new block when iPad hears the sound__
Well thx guys


That's a nice idea :slight_smile: Yes, it can be accomplished differently....but I don't really think that this block is necessary since you can do it another way anyways,


It's pretty easy to do using existing blocks.

Play sound Sound wait Millseconds
Set Sound played to 1

Then in another rule:
When Sound = 1

(When iPad hears sound code here)
Set Sound played to 0 (this block is important)

End when

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The text blocks are so cool ! ! !

Set Speed to 200

Move Forward 100

I know this is not related but, it's just so cool!


But I had this idea for a band and I want them to be different emoji s as drums and play that drum


ITs easy

Set sound (sound) for (time)ms
Set value (sound name heard) to (1)

Then make another rule
When value (sound name heard) = 1
Set value (sound name heard) to (0)


Yeah, I could do that, but then the last song would be forever


Hm? No it actually wouldn't.


Hey guys!
How do u get those blocks? Sorry not related either


Use the <kbd> tag