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Bye.Bye I am leaving because no one notices me and I'll only be on for my art club and tournament. I need a coding partner for hopscotch but no one is answering me. So I will mostly be on the app! Plus probably no one is going to notice this. So, why am I writing.


What no!

Please don't!

Listen to @SnowGirl_Studios topic!



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I don't know I think it causes a chain reaction!


You should create a new account called Awesome_Blossom! That would probably get you more noticed! Also, use throw away mail. It is AWESOME... Oh yea, and it ok if you're not noticed. For this Collab thingy with SnowGirl_Studios, I used throw away mail..


No please don't! We already have one leaving because of popularity! Not another!


That's exactly what hopscotch DOESNT want people to do

Or the forum


What? No! You can't! So many people notice you and love you!
Think about this:
Does popularity really matter? As long as you love coding, being noticed doesn't matter.

It is your choice, but don't leave just because you are not popular.



It's depressing when people leave

Then other people get depressed and leave because one person left
Plz don't leave


I hope you return!


Aww..... Not another leaving person.


Maybe they'll change their mind about leaving


If your really leaving then please don't come back because you are not leaving then

Listen to @SnowGirl_Studios's topics


I get @'ed in so many of these topics. I love being @'ed but.. why these topics?


Do you have to put the @ when you mention someone's name?


No, you don't have to. :smile:



Then why do people do it? Does it make it so you can tap on the name and see their profile?


It sends them a notification when you do that, so it's more likely for them to see that post or topic.


Nope, well when you @ someone it sends them a notification


Oh....ok thanks!

I'm still new to things a bit
It's my second day