Just for fun collaboration! *1 MORE SPOT!*



So, I am bored here, and I would like to have some fun! I'm making a Collab accepting the following:

Coder x2 @Pinmat135
Vice President: @happyfacegirl
Bug finder x1 @MR.GAM3R
People who help everywhere x2 @HarryPotter @BerryFOX

It's going to be a smal Collab, but we will make big stuff! I hope you want to join!

Are you fine with a Collab account:
Hopscotch username:

I would like partners that:

Are funny, and helpful
An average coder


I know, four minutes, but BUMP!


He he I stalk u now cause I'm your twin XD

no I'm not I just saw that this had 0 replies so I checked it out


You're out In!






Yah me in ok tag me when u have enough people and we are starting. Also what doing do as VP? Everything?



You can:

Help me with decisions
Fire people (I don't want to do this too often) if they aren't behaving well, or remixing (for a pointless reason)
Tell people to do stuff, like "@(username), your job is to get the play button finished"!

You can't:

Hire people
Use innappropriate content

@KVj, I saw that like in a different topic! :stuck_out_tongue:



Pls accept





Ok! I sign a ze contracta and ok me can't break rules or u will find me... NO but yah so like I said tag me when you have all the people and we are doing something


Hi I would LOVE to join! :blush:

I would be great with a collab account!

My Hopscotch username: GamePOP

Any position you give me would be great! :grinning:



You are in!


Are you fine with a collab account: yes!
Hopscotch Username: BerryFOX
Position: People that help everywhere


You're in!

Sorry for the late reply.


Thats ok! Im so glad im in!