Just experimenting



Hi I am am234 I just started the forum and I just wanted to see what it was so here I am`


Welcome to the forum! You're going to have a great time. I'll find some helpful links for you to look at soon :wink:.


Welcome to the forum! It is awesome! Warning-spam flagger program hopscotch has may flag you until you go on a few days... :grimacing:


I just joined too! it's pretty awesome so far. Everyone here is so nice! hope u have a great time here its great


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Hi! I'm RubyStars. Welcome to the forum! Feel free to @ me any time you need help!


Welcome to the forum @Am234!
I hope you will have a super awesome time here! :D

Here is a link to a incredibly awesome forum tutorial!


Welcome to the forum @Am234! This is a friendly place for you to do amazing (:wink: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) stuff!
Make sure it is on-topic to Hopscotch though :wink:


Welcome to the forum, I hope you have fun and learn a lot about hopscotch! Be friendly, stay on topic, don't be mean or inappropriate to others, be helpful, if you follow the rules you will have a lot of fun on hopscotch and the forum:D


Welcome to the forum, @Am234. Can't wait to see what becomes of you here. Be kind, Helpful, Always on topic, Only talk about Hopscotch, and Have Fun!


Welcome to the forum @Am123 it's great to see so many new forum members!
Remember to stay on topic and be helpful


Thanks so much all of you are so kind and welcoming


Hi @Am234! Awesome to see new people coming here! You'll have a great time!