Just Curious if Anyone Remembered Me



Does anyone actually remember me, Etalix, from back in 2015? Just wanted to know...
I might also want to do some form of collab if I get the smallest amount of responses...


I would like to collab with @Rawrbear because I knew about him before the near one year disappearance of me but I think he's collabing with someone else at the moment so I'm not sure but he may choose either if he wants to work on Moon Quest 4 or the Potato Gnome project.

Moon Quest 4 (Rawrbear and Etalix)

I wasn't here yet in 2015, but you seem really cool! I'm iWaffle, by the way :3


I was only here for december 2015


Account proof? Sorry, but no new activity on the actual account (not even a like on someone's project) is pretty suspicious…


Hello! THANK YOU so much for the compliment but I haven't made a project in awhile. The only thing I can think of people remembering by me was being in the top projects of 2015 list by Hopsctoch (I think I only got fourth place). If you want, you can try to figure out what that project is and play it for yourself but I'm not sure if it still works after awhile... What makes acutally think I'm cool... just curious, I'm going to check out your projects.


Yeah! I remember you!

reads other posts... Ohhh hmmmmm XD


I remember you. You make awesome projects! :smiley:

How's school going for you?


^^^ Ya...


What's your hopscotch username? I've been on hopscotch since 2015, but I haven't been on the forum since February.

You seem really cool! I'm Dude73, or Dudey. It's so cool to meet you! :smile:


It's me... just made a crude project just to prove it... (is that even allowed?)


It is just Etalix in hopscotch.


Ah, sorry xD
I remember you! Not in the early 2015s tho, only late and beyond! I'd love to do a form of collaboration with you, but I'm not as advanced as you!


Oh cool, the legend himself: Rawrbear. School is going okay, straight A's... their low A's thought but don't tell my parents that haha.


Well, what's not allowed about it?


Haha... didn't expect this much people to actually speak on this topic. I actually don't care about the "skill" as I do pretty bad at coding as I don't even know a single coding language... mostly because I'm too lazy and I do know Hopscotch is only an app designed to learn...


Thanks for the compliment!

That's good. I won't tell your parents, don't worry. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just remember something about someone getting fudtrated that the app shouldn't be used as a form of communication.


Cool! I'll check it out. :smile:


whoa! brush I lobed ur projects and they were so well coded! Welcome to the forum! And ur back!!! Ahhhh! Maybe I could join the collab :D


Oh ye, and can I join the collab? My HS uderbsme is enchantedHopscotcher. :DD