Just ask for help with topic management — closing/opening/merging etc

I’ll be able to help with the usual management of topics e.g.

  • merging/splitting topics and moving posts
  • closing/archiving/unlisting/opening of topics
  • making wikis if you’re not a regular yet etc.

so just feel free to tag me in whichever topic you need help with :smiley:


For another aspect, I think this community is self-managing in a lot of ways. We do discuss disagreements with each other pretty respectfully a lot. And particularly when we’ve had any conflicts in the past while, I always admire at how people jump in to help, I think it’s lovely seeing people stand up for each other, and also when their way of helping is to not engage further and advise taking a break for a bit.

Sometimes it has felt like massive arguments break out in the midst of multiple topics being made about a problem (maybe not extremely recently but over the past while again) And it does feel hard, but to me in those times, it looks like the community is trying to manage itself, without the presence of any ‘official’ mediator (mediator means someone who talks to both parties, an in-betweener).

I’m just reflecting on a few things here, feel very free to add your thoughts :relaxed: Discourse was made for a number of aspects of self-management. I’m not saying in the least that you can’t call me! Very okay to do so. I was just thinking about how this community looks after itself in a lot of ways too (which is rather lovely). And that if you feel the community has been doing pretty okay without a community moderator, all good! :thumbsup:

(I think I was reflecting on this also because I remember times when the community actively called upon leaders/mods more in times of conflict)

I’m mentioning this also because I definitely think there are a lot of Hops who’d want to help out or who’d be great with helping out — that the community can manage itself in a lot of ways. For now, it looks like it’ll be through me on your behalf :grin::relaxed:

Edit: maybe I was being a bit optimistic with the community and maybe I hadn’t seen everything, who knows. But I do definitely know people were trying to look after things themselves :slight_smile:

Anyway for now my old topic is lost, but one of the ideas I’ve been noticing a lot and thinking about is to try rescue the old Help With Code topics too. I might go on the other topic for that.

Sorry that I write so much :joy:


Great post t1! You make great points!! :)


@t1_hopscotch are you able to access the HwC topics, or at least the category?


Yes (I wish it were not limited to just me at the moment) but at least I can confirm they’re not deleted :DD But I’m going to check with THT first about rescuing the topics.


cool topic very useful…
!! : D again Congrats


@t1_hopscotch there’s a topic that I think should be closed…


Thanks for your concern @Dolphin_coders :relaxed: Hmm you can invite me to the topic or flag it to notify staff, and I’ll be able to take a look.


Yeah It may not be necessary to close :wink:


Thanks for letting me know about it again :slight_smile:


Could you take some of my topics out of help with code? I have great tutorials that I worked on for more that an hour and I would like to revive them.


Some topics, like the official omtl topic or the helpful ACTUAL CODING topics would nice if they were able to get out of help with code. Also, what does the screen look like? One last thing, one of the about category topics isn’t closed for some reason:


And I really want to rescue all the topics too (same, there was a tutorial I spent 2-3 hours on!!) plus all the other helpful topics!

I’ll try making the category visible again so we can move topics out (THT is good with it)

And I did remember when I saw you post on that ‘About this category’ topic too :slight_smile: hmm I guess it is a smaller thing but I can close it like the other too.

And as for what the screen looks like — I see you must just be feeling curious about it :relaxed: — it is mostly the same but there is a :wrench: button on topics, and there are some more menus for admin in the hamburger menu.


“Just asks for help with topic management”