Just another topic nobody will go on


Please talk to me. I am sad and alone.


Ok hi


Don't be sad.


You can talked me!

Anytime just tag me!

But just remember I have school!

But you can always tag me if you wanna talk to someone


Thank you all for being so kind


No problem

Just tag me if you wanna talk to someone


I will do. Gotta get back to science. 8th grades stinks


I'm happy to talk anytime. Just tag me :slight_smile:


Why did this get flagged?


Yeah true wh ? It's a good topic and @TACOCODE sure i will talk to u


I just realixzed that i put "nobidy" instead of nobody


LOL fren :D


Hi @tacocode! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Are you alright? If not you can always tag me! :sweat_smile:


@TACOCODE hi! Can I chat with you as well?


Same for me. Were just watching a boring video about hurricanes