Just an idea.. 🤔



I've gotten an idea.. I know there's already a section for Remixes of My Projects, but what if we had a section for just remixes of projects in general. When I go into the New section, all I see is remixes. I'd like to be able to see some cool, original games and not just remixes of other projects.
Thanks :+1:🏻




I think that's a great idea! :smiley: So we can actually just see original projects instead of remixes...

However, what if there's a remix that actually adds something to it?


I'm actually not sure what would happen then.. :joy: But this was just an idea anyways! :blush:


well try it


I can't try it. THT have to make an update


o yeah sorry I'm not liking any of this I lost my likes for 10 hours :sob:


That's a great idea. That's a great idea. That's a great idea.


This is a great idea, @t1_hopscotch has added the Started projects tab, so I think that THT could decide adding this tab as well. I like the idea!


this is a really good idea! I agree -- I hope that hopscotch makes this a reality!


I thinks that is a good idea - that way people will be able to see remixes more clearly without them being jumbled up


This has been suggested SO MANY TIMES that's my post for this month, it's also my 1 year anniversary on the forums today. I will post another message in another month.


Agree! That would be really cool!