Just.A.Tree’s GeneralTopic



Hiiii This is my General topic so I’m not spa mming random topics. Anyone can chat here. Have fun I guess :pp




Wow you’ve figured it out :clap::clap:


Noice :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


Thank you thank you lol


I’m still trying to figure out the forum completely these people are like oh it’s super easy why do people have a hard time I figured it out right away but man YOU PEOPLE ARENT TRUSTFALLS OK


hi tree

Wanna be on my art tag list


Sure Rex, your art is really cool :))


Thank you


Would you like to be in mine? I haven’t really thought about one too much


Lol I am TrustFalls wdym



But if i get tagged too much I might leave XD

Just a heads up


You’re me
So I’m you
Ok this weird alternative universe is coming true


Yes it is indeed. I just never told you because I thought it would weird you out


Also what am I getting myself into


so am I typing this or you…?
It’s creepy


Your art is aesthetically pleasing to me :))


You may just be the only one then


We’re both typing it if you think about it


And a thank