Just a tiny problem that was solved, but could hopefully be inexistant for others



@Ian @Liza I tried to change my background to a star gif I found,

But then couldn't, and then tried to change it to an owl, but couldn't, then tried to change it back to what I had before, and couldn't.

What's wrong? Also, I've uploaded all the pictures I've used on my iPad, so that's not the issue.


Try it on your computer. Maybe that will work. iPads are less powerful.


Hmm.. Try reloading the page. If that doesn't work, then try pressing the trash can, then try again. If THAT doesn't work, try redownloading the picture you're trying to import. If THAT doesn't work, then choose another picture. If THAT :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: doesn't work, switch to a computer, like @Kiwicute2015 said. Hope this helps! :wink:


Editing it hours later seems to have worked, so there's no need to help anymore. If anyone ever has the same problem, they might search "background editing problem or issue" and this post will pop up because I've typed those words in this post and all they need to know is to wait a few hours, then try to fix it. I wonder if anyone actually will do that :P.