Just a Question Please answer


Am I a well known forumer?

  • no, sorry, but no
  • we just haven't been on the same side of the forum!
  • I kinda know you
  • You're pretty well known on both the app and forum
  • The troll answer


If you want to answer why, please do


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I'd say that I know you more on the forum than the app! :wink:


Do you really need to make a whole topic and use the friendly mass tag list for one little question? No offense, but I am pretty sure it is considered improper use of the friendly mass tag list.


I have to disagree, I just want to know. And what topic would I put this on?


You could've put this on the "Fun Polls!" or whatever it's called topic, but oh well. It's up now.


well I know you on the forum but not on hopscotch!


I am GoldenDunk on HS, check my acc :slight_smile:


I will in a minute 2o2o2o2


I agree, it's a lot easier to be known about on the forum, than Hopscotch


I took myself off the mass tag list :)


Sorry! I just use the one I used last


Yes, because you are awesome on the forum and always on the forum. So, I well recognize you.


It's ok, :D

I voted already anyway :P


Yah, the forum is a smaller community which can be a lot of fun! When people realize they can easily talk to MagmaPOP or LotsaPizza (not excluding, just examples) they really go for it


Off topic but can someone add me into the mass tag list? I love notifications


My overall goal is to be almost like Smiley Alyssa


Yes I will use you now


I agree with @Rawrbear


Like I said I don't think we need tags for a and a's!