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Why is “go.d” censored, is hopscotch antichrist?


Hi there, @Reb!
Go.d is censored just in case people start flame wars about Christians and other people with religions.
This forum used to be a bit of a chaotic place with drama, general topics and lots of other non-Hopscotch-related things going on.
Luckily, these days this forum’s community is much more sensible and civil. Despite that, we still find the word Go.d censored, and I sadly don’t know the answer as to why it still is.

Side note: A better place to ask this question would’ve been here: :Hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic 2

I hope I was helpful!


Religion is usually a touchy topic, and I believe it was added because it was a common starting point of arguments that were not related to Hopscotch


Oh, makes sense
Don’t like religon wars going on here


@Tri-Angle clive

hopefully I did that right or that’s gonna be embarrassing lol :sob:


actually, im gonna double check internally what would be the best to do for this topic since it is actually a touchy topic


@Reb Nope! As Awsome_E stated it can be a touchy subject for many. So hopscotch tries to stray away from it. Keep in mind this is meant to be a coding forum.
In the past, I used to have a Verse of the Week topic. The goal of the topic was to provide a safe space for people to encourage and uplift each other by using God’s word.

Additionally, these censorships were added a long time ago. As 894 stated, there used to be a lot of “flame wars”, drama, etc. So, they added specific censorships to help encourage friendly and informative discussion.
Also there are people who may not like people saying the lords name in vain.

If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to ask!

Since i’ve experienced concerns in the past, I just felt like compiling all stuff from this topic together and adding some of my own stuff.