Just a question for a person, no big deal guys


@Kiwicute2016 You closed my coding partner topic. Why? I'm not trying to be rude, nor looking for a fight.


She closed it because of the LGBT only thing.


There was a fight going on, and some peeps weren't being considerate of others! Always be considerate of everyone's beliefs!


Ok, but when someone's belief is harming my people, that's not cool.


It wasn't only LGBT. It was LGBT people and people educated on our issues


Oh yeah! I totally gotcha! You weren't doing much harm to others.


I'm sorry, my recent comment was a bit rude.


Some people were being really pushy, I'm sorry, I'm answering this, and you already got answers. I do support your cause.


It's cool bro. I have stalked instagram feminist pages to 87 weeks ago. No regrets m8.


Nobody wanted you to feel bad, we just were trying to prevent because some people disagreed with others. :wink:


Thanks for looking out for me and supporting my cause!


I love supporting causes. Especially neglected animals that need help.


Hello, old topic!

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