Just a personal messaging topic…



Ok lol you never tagged me but this means I understood!


Here's a like!
I'll unTradk this now



Just a question that you do not have to answer if you don't want to: is the boy only using this account, and the girl is now only using the other account?


Using an alt account to get past a suspension is not allowed - I'm afraid I will have to suspend this account too. I will also lengthen your suspension by a day because you technically didn't 'serve' the first day, since you were on a different account.


I will talk to the girl about that. :slight_smile:


@MiracleShoutouts, please don't evade suspension by using a different account.


This is the boy. I'm not using tankt anymore.
I'll talk to the girl, okay?


Looks like the girl is still using your account. She deleted a post just a few minutes ago saying she was on the account. I'm afraid I have to suspend you.