Just a little update on activity


Hi! :DD

ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ: hey dudes wassup

So, as you know, back to school is coming soon for many peeps. ಠ_ಠ

And, unfortunately, I'm one of them. ;-;

I do have a school iPad, but they have this new technology where they can see exactly what I'm doing and where I've been, without even being near me. :000

So, that means I can get in trouble for going on the forum, or HS during school. ;-;

Result: Being inactive for about 7-9 hours a day :0

And, plus, I'm going into 8th grade. At my school, 8th graders are supposed to be the role models. That's a big task for little smol derp :0

I also have this HUGE HUGE test in January (you might've seen me take some pics of my big ol' practice book XD), and I have to study a lot.

So, there's a couple of reasons I might be inactive. :0

I think my school starts in 2-3 weeks, so I still got a little of summer left XD

Thanks for reading, and I hope you understand why I'll be gone yey

and not saying something like 'omgee where is Maltese'

well I know no one would say that but still XD


Thanks for telling us!

I really hope that new technology won't be in my school... :flushed::grin: omg that would be the end of the world

Good luck in the 8th grade! :+1::smile:


We'll miss you! Good luck on your test!

The answer is wrench. It has to be.

Also, I know a lot of people who look up to you (including me). You're a really sweet and helpful person. Your trail is just WOAH. You always know how to turn a frown upside down. I have a feeling you'll be a great role model eighth grader. :)


Why I never use school iPads unless I have to. Its really creepy.


I get it PM, thanks! Good luck on that test/exam/assessment/paper/exam!


Aw. Thank you! :DD

And yes. Every answer has to be wrench. XD




Thank you, @SmileyAlyssa! :DD

And thanks, @KVJ! :3


Inty's komplett right :wink:


Okay! I hope they don't get the technology in my school! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for telling oh yeah

10 th like 8th post Yey!

Our school iPads are tracked too but I found a way to stop the track (hacking) I accutially did it but I don't encourage you to do that cause you are a role model!
I am still in 5 th grade!
@Maltese btw we will miss u cause you are one of our top hopscotch forumers.
We will miss ur trail art too! I hope u can be on some time at least!


They already have similar tech in our school computers...


I'll miss ya a lot!! I am the same- except everybody in the middle school (grades 5-8) have ipads with Hopscotch so unless it's a big deal, the tech people don't really keep much track!

but they rely on people to tell them!


Good luck in 8th grade :D


Thank you, @CreationsOfaNoob! :D

I wish myself luck too. XD

you need a lot of luck in 8th grade XD


Oh btw u should get 5 good post and
1 good topic today ! @Maltese


I'll miss you fren :0000 ;~;

I understand, and I'll be glad to see you on weekends. :0


Oh no, I'll still be on every day! :DD

I'll just not be on during school. I'll be on for the hours after it! :DD

And thank you! ;o;


I know, but I mean see you more on weekends :00


Same, but go on the forum anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
But I like to pay attention so I won't be on either ;-;

Thanks for telling us!


Oh right knew that the whole time haha yeah :+1::+1:


That's good

Ahhhh auto correct this idi.ot I meant Great! ;D