Just a little note :)



Ok so some of you may not think a topic was necessary but anyways...

Sorry for being inactive on Hopscotch, I know I'm not super inactive like publish every 15 weeks but on my opinion I'm not publishing as much as I should be instead I'm spending to much time on the forum which is preventing me coding on hopscotch :((

The forum is taking over my life, I'm spending way to much time on the forum instead of hopscotch, other apps or physical activity which has led to addiction to the forum. And unfortunately 60% of the time when I'm chatting on the forum it isn't related to hopscotch.

I'm not quitting or leaving it's just when I come on the forum most the time I'm not talking about HS related stuff and focusing a lot on the drawing topics and (not Hopscotch related) General topics so to prevent that and to keep the forum more Hopscocth related I will create another hopscotch only general topic which you can chat to me and ask Hopscotch related questions.

Overall I wish to learn more things in hopscotch and be more active on hopscotch with awesome projects that I hope I can get critism and likes on, which will also develop my computer language and hopscotch coding better and try to make better projects

-hope for the best, Dolphy


Just do what you think is right, dolphy! :3
I want to do more coding but I have no inspiration.


Maybe this will help?


That's awesome Kitty!


Thank you ^^ I'm going to keep adding on to that.(^^*)


Okay, thanks for telling us.


Heellllppppp..... what do I code so I can be active??


you can code something for the pride month


Ohhh... yeahhh