Just a little Clarification ;DD


No, it’s not directed at you. :P

And yikes, that sounds unpleasant. XD


So am I. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those “let’s be positive and change the forum :DDDDD” topics, it’s for new people (and older people, too!) who are kinda confused about the rules. :slight_smile:


Maybe I should stop taking the red pill. But I’d rather live in an actual abyss than a false paradise.


Sure, live your life that way. I won’t judge. But the Hopscotch forum is meant to be a ‘paradise’, if a false one. People come here to escape life and have fun, not confront the existential questions of existence xD


And this topic gave me a reminder that I will think about from now on, and I’m m happy the creator of the topic wrote it. So, mission accomplished. One person affected. :smiley:


Congratulations. That is great to hear.


Couldn’t have put it better myself XD

This is not the “have an existential crisis forum” :P


What if it’s a topic that will notify 50+ people by reviving?

I’m pretty sure that’s a typo.

This was worded well.

You are the first person that has ever really explained a flag like that (well, as far as I remember). In this case, I misunderstood them :sweat_smile: (from the receiving side).

Yes, right after I joined, but I think it helps me and others from clogging up the forum.

Pretty sure I know who you are referring to. It seems extreme, which it sort of is, but if you can care deeply for someone on here, then it is possible to get jealous and angry at people also. If anyone does get upset to that point,

I agree totally.

This would cut down a lot if everyone thought before they posted. I still say stuff without thinking every once and a while, and I regret it, but I am not perfect nor is anyone on here.

I definitely need to work on this.

Overall, a great topic. I can tell that you thought it through very well and that you have good common sense.


You have your point. I’d say the Forum could be described as utopia. However, my point here is that the “Hopscotch Forum Paradise” is artificial instead of a naturally-formed one.

  1. I think it’s worth it, because most of those people are probably inactive if it’s that old. XD

  2. Yup. I’m the typo queen, all hail me. XD

  3. Thank you!! :DD

  4. Ah, thanks! :D

  5. I know, I wasn’t criticizing “GBOT.” That’s kinda what I was saying XD

  6. Emotions and friendships are very confusing, I agree. XD

  7. Thanksssss :D

  8. Yeah. It’s honestly hard to do what’s right in a situation like that, especially when you’re mad. I know from experience XD

  9. I do too sometimes XD

  10. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Yes, that is also my point. But what’s the problem with the happy attitude of the Hopscotch forum being a construct? People aren’t happy all the time. People aren’t happy a lot. But once everyone starts talking about the sad parts of their lives, the forum becomes (and has at some points become) a pity party of people wallowing in self-pity.

Instead, the Hopscotch Forum is a haven where everyone talks about the happy part of their lives, so that sad people can come here to be happier. What’s so bad about that?


Yes, especially when your not used to having crazy emotions. Then, you tend to make the situation worse than it is. TBH, I couldn’t handle being that jealous either. I have never been, so I haven’t had to worry about it.


Nothing so bad, really. Yet again, I’d rather having people trolling and complaining about their personal issues than the pretentious positivity. I want happiness to be legit, instead of a masquerade of people wearing masks of bright yellow with joyful emoticons.


Great topic! It covers a lot of important points in a clear way, without being rude or aggressive. Very well worded.


Thanks for reminding us not to take everything so personally. You write about some interesting issues that people sometimes avoid discussing. You have also discussed them in calm manner which (hopefully) won’t cause any flame wars. Great job!


Amazhang Topic thanks!!!


She’s being sarcastic


Well said! A lot of people need to see this!


About dupes, see my latest topic.