Just a little Clarification ;DD

Hey everyone! This topic is mainly a reminder of a couple forum rules some people have been forgetting lately, just in case some people are confused. It’s just to clear up what is and isn’t okay here. Feel free to post your opinions or additions. :)

  1. The Duplicate Topic Issue

Have you ever seen people say something like “I know there’s already a topic for this, but it’s old and inactive?” I know I have.

This is a common excuse for making duplicate topics. Unfortunately, this is not okay.

You are not allowed to make a topic exactly the same as another just because the first one is old or inactive. It’s okay if the first topic was closed and you have a leader’s permission, but if you are able to post in the original, use it.

Reviving a topic is a much simpler way to keep a discussion going, instead of making a separate topic. :D

Now, this issue also occurs with general topics. It is not okay to make a new general topic if you can use your old one. You can’t make another one because the original is inactive.

In summary, if a topic can be used, use it! It’s a waste of time and space to make a new one, and it isn’t okay with THT to make duplicates.

  1. The “Friendly Reminder” Issue

Have you ever had someone ask you to SPYB or stay on-topic? Chances are, if you’re newer, it might have hurt your feelings a little. Don’t worry! It’s not an insult, it’s what users have been asked to do.

It is a Hopscotcher’s duty to remind others of the rules if their topic is not related to Hopscotch, is inappropriate, or not allowed in some other way. If you see a post that isn’t on-topic or something similar, don’t be afraid to give a friendly reminder!

If the user in question doesn’t listen, tag a mod (t1 is the best one to tag, as she’s the most active member of THT :DD)

If someone tells you your topic isn’t allowed, don’t take offense or argue! They’re just doing the right thing. Edit your topic and remember the rules next time! :)

  1. The Flag Issue

Have you ever flagged someone or been flagged? If you’re not new, you definitely have. The problem is, flagging’s purpose is often misunderstood.

Firstly, flags are not punishment. Secondly, they are not unkind. Thirdly, they are not something to be ashamed of. Lastly, they are not something you should be afraid of.

If they’re not any of those things, then what are they?

The truth is, flags are just a way to let moderators know you think a post breaks the community guidelines, and to let the person know they should edit it. If you’re flagged and you did nothing wrong, then don’t worry- a mod will deny the flag. :D

If you are flagged, it doesn’t make you bad. It isn’t a mean gesture from someone, or a punishment for “wrongdoing.” It’s simply someone’s opinion on your post.

Don’t be afraid to flag or be flagged, it’s just a simple way for the community to help moderate! :)

  1. The Off-Topicness Issue

Have you ever been told to GBOT or be Hopscotch-related? If you have, then please do. XD

There are a couple types of off-topicness, one being making a topic that is unrelated to Hopscotch, the other being posting something in a topic that has nothing to do with the topic itself.

Let me address the first one first, because it’s a huge issue. So, non-Hopscotch-related general topics are okay. Topics like “Get to know each other!” are also okay. (Important) announcements are okay. (things like “I got regular!” are not.) Forum-related topics like this one are okay.

However, topics like “What’s your favorite food?” or “I’m going on vacation!” or “Post funny jokes!” are not. Neither are spam topics like “Hi!!!”

If you see a topic like this, please please please remind the poster of the rules, and/or tag a moderator. :DD

As for the second one, it’s pretty straightforward. Only discuss things in a topic that the topic is for discussing. For example, don’t start talking about cats in this topic. XD

Lastly, excuses like “We’ll make projects about it!” are not okay either. Only do that if the topic is strictly for sharing those projects, or if it’s a club with an active collab account. Please don’t use excuses like that.

Basically, this forum is for Hopscotch! Chat about random stuff in general topics. If you don’t do Hopscotch, try to confine your posts to general topics or forum discussions like these. :slight_smile:

  1. The Drama Issue

Have you ever seen a huge argument or an ongoing bit of drama?

This is a pretty big one, but can be solved in a very simple way. Firstly, if you’re feeling angry or upset with someone on the forum, respect them and yourself by putting down the device and thinking rationally.

Also, always think things through logically. Is it worth blowing up because of a misunderstanding? Is it worth hurting someone’s feelings online because of your real-life drama?

Always remember that there are real people behind the screen. They have emotions and lives, too.

And most importantly, do not make a bigger deal over things than you need to. I’ve seen people threatening to kill themselves on this, a kid’s coding forum, because they’re paranoid and upset over people they don’t even know. :P

If you see drama like this, don’t get involved. Tag a moderator, and make sure to stay calm! :DDD

Thanks for reading through that XD

That was just me addressing some little things people have misunderstood, which has been driving me a tiny bit nuts :P

Also, if you disagree with this stuff, don’t go all “OHMYGOSH FROGGIE YOU’RE WRONG,” because I did not make these rules. XD

If you want to insult the rules or the fact that we have them, go and do it to THT. I’m not the one who comes up with this stuff. :P

Have a good day, guys, and pleeeease remember that these rules are important to keep Hopscotch and the Forum running smoothly! <3


First >:3

@OMTL (don’t worry, lovely people who have been notified, this is not another coding comp exactly the same as all the others XD)


I know that there are many Q&A topics, and i just created one for me
is that duplicating? :thinking:


Nope! :DD

Those are Q and A’s for other people, your own is a separate entity and not a duplicate.


Ah thanks
just wanted a little clarification

see what I did there
I am not funny sorry for my uncle jokes XD


This is awesome! I feel this Is needed sometimes for everybody, and for newcomers. :DDDD (Also, that looks like it took a while to write XD)


Thank you! :DD

It took sooo long to write XD


I’m guessing it did XDD


How is that off topic? Saying that you got Regular is a topic related to the forum


Um, no, she joined August 2015.


This is an amazing topic, for new people and for people who have been around for a while! Sometimes we get a little too relaxed and forget some stuff.

I like to think, how does my post/topic benefit?


looool i wonder if the first one is aimed at me
sorry, i’m tired
i’m writing and outline and then i have to write an entire thing and it’s already 8 and my fingers are cramping
also i woke up at 4 so
i dont want to think about how much sleep ive had
^^keyboard slam
i need a granola bar


thank u
sorry tfs i can’t deal with this atm
i’ll post on this tomorrow when i’m rested and sane
rn im passive agressive and everything makes me angry
hi starry
excuse me for not thinking a topic last posted on like 6 months ago was dead an




i am not a good person when stressed
ok bye


I know, Miss Cynical Starry. XD

This was just simply to clear up confusion for those rare people who don’t go around yelling “let’s break the rules!1!1!” or for new people who didn’t understand.


No, it’s not directed at you. :P

And yikes, that sounds unpleasant. XD


So am I. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those “let’s be positive and change the forum :DDDDD” topics, it’s for new people (and older people, too!) who are kinda confused about the rules. :slight_smile:


Sure, live your life that way. I won’t judge. But the Hopscotch forum is meant to be a ‘paradise’, if a false one. People come here to escape life and have fun, not confront the existential questions of existence xD


And this topic gave me a reminder that I will think about from now on, and I’m m happy the creator of the topic wrote it. So, mission accomplished. One person affected. :smiley: