Jungle Ques🌴 Coming soon

Meet Miss Chief. She is on a quest to rescue her friend, Bird, who was captured by Dino. In this upcoming major game, you must control Miss Chief to help her find bird and defeat Dino! Dodge enemies, find secrets, collect amazing items and more in...

Jungle Ques​:palm_tree:

This game will have lots of areas (which would be hard to code normally), so I will be waiting for the now announced "scene" blocks to start.

See you later!


Cool! I like the name too


Yeah I thought the use of ":palm_tree:" as the "T" was pretty cool.


@ThinBuffalo would scenes be posible remixing that's projects with it and editing the json thingies?

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Yes, by editing a project's json data one should be able to use Scenes blocks, but...

To code a project with different "areas" or "scenes" doesn't actually require the Scenes block. As I understand it, THT's implementation of scenes may give the user different views of the stage to make it easier to arrange objects. While easier and with less clutter, this isn't actually required as objects can be arranged and controlled with code. If one views that as difficult to manage, manipulating the json data will certainly not be easier.

If anyone's interested I could make a tutorial on how to code the effect of scenes without the formal Scenes implementation?


Good point. I remember in 2914 before when blocks where we had to do so thing like

set Screen one invis to 100
Set Screen two invis to 0

And had to use repeat 99999999 set in is to a value for this stuff.

Cool project!

I just use a Scene variable, and for the items in each "scene" I do something like this:

Object 1:
When Scene = 1:
Visible (custom block)

When Scene != 1:

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